Meeting Dates

2nd Thursdays
9:30 - 11:00 am

 September 14, 2017 

 November 9, 2017

 January 11, 2018

 March 8, 2018

 May 10, 2018


Wellesley Hills Congregational Church

207 Washington St., Wellesley Hills, MA 02481

Welcome to the Arts Enrichment Network
a program of  

Arts Enrichment Network has replaced The West Suburban Creative Arts Council (WSCAC ). AEN is a program of Arts Are Essential, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)3.

We offer the activities that are so important for all of us, enrichment coordinators, artists and agents:   MENTORING, SHARING AND SUPPORT.  We  provide connections to the best arts enrichment opportunities available!  The Arts Enrichment Network continues to provide a safe place for enrichment coordinators to voice their opinions. 

Along with the new name, there are some exciting new changes coming along:
  • Five meetings instead of three
  • Meeting dates changed to Second Thursdays
  • Decreased Enrichment Coordinator registration fee
  • Online registration and payment
  • Online payments via Paypal (and credit/debit cards)
  • Monday Morning Memos (as needed)
  • Weekly email updates on the Preview Opportunities
  • Preview listing displayed on web site
  • Artist information and links on web site
  • School Representatives - up to 6 for email list
  • Web page with sample forms (checklists, evaluations, etc)
  • NEW Plans for 2017-18 include a grants/funding resource shared with North Shore Arts Council.

                        Please sign up during June.   I would like to keep the dues in line with the school schedules and still have the artists' information available for you over the summer.   

                        We hope to have 100% on-line enrollment this year so click HERE to join now!

                        We are always open to suggestions and volunteers. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with your ideas on how to bring The Arts Enrichment Network up to speed.

                        Join Us and Watch Us Grow!
                        We can't do it without YOU!

                        Looking forward to meeting everyone in September.

                        Jean Butler